Tempted. Definitely a word I’m acquainted with.

Tempted to eat the last cookie. Tempted not to go to the gym today. Tempted to look my five year old in the eye and say, “I have had enough of your wiggly cuddles right now.”

Yeah…I’m tempted. The urge to deviate from the normal routine and do something that is not quite so acceptable.

Tempted to sit and not go to work tonight. Not have to deal with the public faces. Oh, it’s tempting me. But I’ll go. (But not without a whole lot more of those wiggly cuddles I spoke of a moment ago!!)

I’m tempted to just let it all go some days. Because, you know, some days are just harder than others. And it’s tempting!! It’s tempting to just let the words come out with no filter certain days. Very, very tempting!!! (You know what I mean, I’m sure!!)

Not giving into those temptations is good. Not necessarily easy, but usually a good thing!!

Some temptations aren’t all that life changing or even that noticeable to the world around us. If I give into those temptations, I don’t think many, if any, would even notice, but I would. And that’s what defines my judgement of those temptations.  If it won’t make me a better person, then likely it isn’t a “good temptation”. (That’s kinda sad, since that bottle of wine is really tempting right now!!)

Giving into temptations on a regular basis is not a good thing. It creates new habits that are not really good habits. And yes, I am human and will admit that I have bad habits that have come from temptations. I wasn’t strong enough to stand against them (or just didn’t feel like trying to stand).

I’m going to try to stand against those temptations a little better. What about you?  I know I will feel better about myself if I stand against them. Because temptations have a tendency to screw up everything that we work for when we give into them!!

Let the world go on with its temptations, and we will go on and be the best of whatever we are!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

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