Names.  Everything in the world has a name.  Sometimes it’s not a good name, but it is still a name.

There is a random, artificial, spruce pine tree in my living room and it’s named a Christmas tree.

There are multiple pictures on my walls of different people.  They all have names and if I say those names, people automatically know who I am referring to.

We all have names.  Our parents, or someone in charge of shaping our future, decided that we would be called a certain word and that word became our name.

I have a name. Rebecca Leigh Anne Weaver.  I had a different last name, many years ago. So, as we know, names can change. The best name change for me was when my oldest child (Trentyn) was born and I became Mom.  Someday (hopefully in the very far future), that name will get an addition and I’ll become Grandma, or Nana, or Mee-maw…or whatever those little ones decide my name will be.

We name everything. Our pets, our children, our children name their dolls, their stuffed animals, the stars, some people name their cars. Names are a way of identifying items in our life.

There are names we don’t like. Names that we enjoy. Names that we fall in love with. Names that will shape our lives. We have name cards, namesakes, fake names and pseudonyms. Each have their place in this world. And someone, somewhere named them.

God has given us each a name.  It is up to us to use that name in a profitable way.  And then there’s the Lamb’s Book of Life. And I hope each of us has our name written there!! image.jpg


via Photo Challenge: Names


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